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tv   News  ABC  May 16, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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branch? >> off liberty heights. >> okay. keep up the good work. 15 minutes in and out. >> and because of zira. now time for the weather. justin. >> something else happened on saturday. a lot of events around town. preakness 5k and there was shower starting off the race. and towards annapolis a. personal good morning greeting for you. looking at the view off the severn, a friend of mine heather, teacher at the olive bed school by conditiony try athlete completed the first triathlon. her husband flew in at midnight, did the triathlon and came back to run the race again at least the running portion with her. that is dedication. congratulationses to them. hopefully not waking up sore this morning. 61 degrees. 100% how middy. we don't have fog at the naval academy at the severn river but there's fog in other portions of annapolis. we are dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. you will see sun, but there
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will be more showers flaring up and we will watch the radar trying to get active all day long. some of the storms could start near lunchtime and get pretty heavy into the afternoon. we will push 75 for our two degree guarantee. more in annapolis. let's toss it over to kim. >> reporter: it's looking like a hazy shade traveling through 50 at i-97 in anne arundel county. you can see the fog. more dense than we have seen in some of the other cameras around beltway. keep your eyes open. make sure to drive carefully. no problems westbound. it looks slow on some of the westbound lanes. traffic is moving fairly well. traveling down 95 through prince george's county approaching the capital beltway an accident at powder mill roadblocking the right lane causing delays. and pikesville, fire activity because of a blown transformer. spring bottom way at wood valley drive on baltimore city westbound northern parkway closed at roland because of downed trees and fire activity at drewit hill avenue and
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dolphin street. you could see road closures there. thanks a lot. the mississippi river is threatening much of the southern u.s. with potential record flood levels. the latest area of concern is louisiana. now the army corps of engineers is relieving the pressure anded. >>ing a town in the process. -- and flooding a town in the process. linda so is here to explane. >> reporter: the decision was made to open floodgates for the first time in 4 decades. it's meant to spare bigger cities down the river like baton rouge and new orleans, but it comes at the expense of smaller neighborhoods. the rushing water he rolled across the cajun river swallow farms and submerging homes and businesses. people spent the last few days pack up everything they own and leaving for higher ground. it's the har be shall reality thousands are dealing with as the mississippi river continues to flood homes and neighborhoods. mandatory evacuations have been issued in some parts of louisiana. officials are warning people who refuse to leave that they will not be back to check on
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them. >> i am going to watch it you know, daley. and if i see it coming up, you know -- daley. and if i see it coming -- daily. and if i see it coming up i am going. >> reporter: no one ghost how high or how bad -- knows how high or how bad it will get. but when the river crest it will last for at least ten days. linda so, abc2 news. scary -- scarry moments for a group of 5th graders. look at this. they were celebrating the end of the school year and they had just jumped on one of the bonsy castels. well -- bouncy castels a gust of wind picked it up and it end up wrapped around a light pole. no one was-side at the time. -- no one was inside at the time. the captain of a airways flight was taken off the flight after a tas agent smelled alcohol on his breath. the flight was preparing to take off from for milwaukee. the pilot was taken into
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custody but released. the airlines released a statement saying the pilot was too impaired to fly. evangelist billy graham is resting comfortfully at mom after-- home after being discadged from the -- discharged from the hospital. he was admitted where doctors say he responded well to treatment there for pneumonia. a piece of las vegas history is preparing to shut its doors for good. nearly 60-year-old sahara will clod down today. residents and tour -- lun shut down today. residents and tourists are sad to see it go. >> dollar everything. >> i was upset. the roller coaster is pretty fun. >> the big burrito qowrks know i thought i could e-- you know, i thought i could eat it but i couldn't. i couldn't eat the whole thing. that's one of the biggest memories i have. >> that's a huge burrito. >> it is. into no word on what the plans are for that property, but we will keep you posted when we find out. family in ohio is on the hunt for ducks after they were
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stolen from the home. weeks ago, martha and her granddaughter rescued six ducklings after finding them with no mother duck. now the duo were nursing the babies back to health but a couple nights ago they went in to check on them and the they were gone. they -- and they were gone. they believe the thieves jumped the fence and grabbed them and made off. after weeks of stressing at the pump help may be on the way. what -- >> what the president is doing trying to speed up oil and gas production. it shut down after a hack job compromised millions of customers' information. how soon sony play station could be back online.
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now "good morning maryland." #:38. play station is going back
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online according to sony. the return of the network and services underway right now. sony shut down the online gaming network last month after discovering it was hacked. tens of millions of users personal information was compromised and sony executive deputy president issued a statement apologizing for the outage. >> in an effort to help you out, president obama is ordered measures to speed up production of oil in the country. the president directed the administration to offer new oil and gas leases in the gulf of mexico and alaska national petroleum rese of and streamline. approvals for offshore drilling. >> knees are investments worth makeing that will save money, reduce dependence on foreign oil and protect the health and safety of our planet. >> the president's move comes days after oil companies complained the government restrictions were stifling the oil production and president obama acknowledged the new drilling won't have short term
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effect adding there are no quick fixes that can lead to lower prices at the pump. for teens, the summer is time to relax and maybe get a quick job to make some extra cash. >> but coming, finding a summer job could be far more difficult this summer. teens are competing for those coveted jobs. and maryland senator ben carden is -- cardin is tired of seeing oil companies make money at our expense. what he is proposing that could return $4 billion to the government's pocket. and many would say the genes make them look fat but maybe it's their genes could. genetics make you fat? we will find out when whoa come back. >> gee i. don't know. 6:40. coming up, we have aing about announcement. -- we have a big announce men. i won't dough do -- i won't do it. >> if you use the mega phonics want to hear. >> let's go outside, edgewater, this was a neat view of the
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ground fog disbushing the cloud above and sunshine to get through. we will talk about the week ahead and my forecast is coming. here kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: a bug announcement are you auditioning to be a ravens cheerleader with that big mega phone? certain parts of anne arundel county looking like foggy bottom push through route 50 at 97. traffic is moving well. sfl problems in baltimore sit -- several problems in baltimore city. more details when "good morning maryland" returns after this.
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monday morning may 16th. this is your abc2 news to go. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. before we get to the weather a. special announcement. >> coming up later. >> later? >> >> before justin. >> absolutely. so you have to stick around. later. we always start off with weather. >> do i get to do this? >> not yet. wait for it. >> all right. >> it's like a bunch of little kids. >> what's the mega phone. >> let's look outside and show you time-lapse images. we have had patchy fog but
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peekaboo sunshine. peekaboo. keep that in mind. someone is going to play peekaboo. there it was and we lost it behind the clouds. we had the sunshine peek out in sparrows point "a" little ground fog. over-- point. a little ground fog. 60 in baltimore and more clouds to the west. a little more of the sun to the south and east. we will have more showers pop up today and heavy rain producing storms in the afternoon. as we aim for a high of 75. we are close to 60 this morning. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. an earlier accident southbound on 95 approaching powder mill road, it has been cleared so a lot of earlier delays are gone approaching the capital beltway. look at baltimore beltway-- looking at baltimore beltway lots of things happening. sinclair lane and mow rave yeah dealing with fire being a at this time. drewit hill and westbound northern parkway closed at roland avenue because of downed trees. now back to you. >> all right thanks. two teens in a -- and a 20-
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year-old were killed after slamming their car into a tree along montgomery county road. sherrie johnson joins us with the details. >> reporter: megan, this morning police are trying to figure out what led to a crash that killed three people in olney. eye happened 3 sunday morning. 20-year-old kevin coffay was driving when he he rounded a curb on laytonsville road and slammed into a tree. three people died in the crash including 18-year-old healey mcgwire, spencer datt and johnny hoover. 19-year-old charles nardella survived with nonlife- threatening injuries. after that crash, officers say the driver kevin coffay fled the scene and he was found three hours later. friends of the crash victims are devastated by the news. >> i mean, we knew johnny pretty well. just real unfortunate. >> 18, 20, 22 years olds, just getting out on their own and it's unfortunate. >> reporter: police are trying
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to figure out why coffay fled the scene. under law, a driver involved in fatal crash must submit to a blood alcohol test. he did, but police have not released the test results. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. new this morning, prosecutors say they will drop the carriages against a woman who was originally charged in the stab of a johns hopkins researcher in exchange for testimony against a codefendant. lavela merritt pled guilty to the robbery and death but said her codefendant john wagner stabbed pitcairn to death. merritt will spend 15 years behind bars. bi-- pitcairn was killed when walking home last july. today senator ben cardin will call for the end of the $4 billion a year tax breaks for the five biggest oil companies. fiveth five companies are exxon- mobile, shell, chevron and bp
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and conoco phillips. now, senator cardin says he is going to call for the passage to close big oil tax loopholes act which would than repeal the tax loopholes. last week he sent letters to those companys encouraging them to reject tax breaks. the five big oil companies made nearly one trillion dollars in profits in the last decade. more than that, 35 billion of that, in the first three months of this year alone. the press conference for today is set for 2:00 at harbor shell station on russel street in baltimore city. state police are investigating a pit bull attack. authorities say a pair of pit bulls attacked 20 sheep at a farm near functiontown killing 8. the authorities say the owner of the farm was attacked by the dogs. he shut himself in the barn and his son shot one of the dogs with a rifle. police are telling the owner to keep the dogs confined while the case remains under investigation. maryland is the first state to approve the use of a birth
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control for deer. wildlife officials cree ailed policies for the use -- created policies for the use in the next several weeks. the deer must be tranquil identities before being injected. epa requires any deer injected be tagged. this morning a carroll county community is dealing with the loss of two neighbors. a family member discovered lewis keyser and his wife betty unresponsive in their home. they called 911. official blame carbon monoxide poiseoning and say readings from the house were 80 times above the safe level. they were in the basement. officials suspect a oil burning furnace may be responsible for the cash op monoxide. the man who -- carbon monoxide. the man who bought obricky's died this weekend. his son in charge of the business decided this would be the last year of business. friend may call on the family in towson tomorrow between 2 and 4 and then again between 7 and 9. a funeral mass will be
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wednesday at st. pius church. he will be laid to rest at dulaney valley memorial gardens. health news this morning. british researchers say they discovered a genetic on off switch that can determine where some people may end up being overweight. scientisting found the gene act as the master switch of the gene directing other genes that control body fat. it is inherited from a person omother. das -- doctors say if they can control the gene they may be able to understand and treat obesity, heart disease and diabetes. findings are from a oxford university study. well, consumer news this morning. teens will have to work twice as hard to find jobs this summer. a recent study by the center for labor market studies at northeastern university says employment rates for the nation's betweens wean 16 and 19 dropped from 46% to 27% during the last ten years. the center is predicting only about a 4th or close 5 million
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teens -- close to 5 million teens will find work. with the nation unemployment rate at a record high, many teems will be -- teens will be competing with appearanceed -- experienced workers who are trying to find work and dig out of the recession. promise keeper neck -- did preakness week is here. we will grab the black eyed suesan and until the horse jump out of the gate there's a lot -- horses jump out of the gay there's -- gate, there's lot of things going on. wednesday the post position draw to determine where the horses start and thursday there's the preakness alibi breakfast and all week the horses will be arriving. animal kingdom, who won the kentucky derby, will spend the week exercising at home in cecil county and is expected to arrive on friday. time for five things to know before you head out the door this morning. ims dominique straws conwas --
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con was -- strauss-kahn was naked when he tried to force himself on a hotel maid. today president obama is going to tour the area of memphis that ep dured the second worst flooding in the history of the city. after that, he will deliver the commencement address at berk t washington in memphis, the school that won a national competition for the president to speak at their graduation. rahl emanue will be sworn in as chicago's mayor. he will be replace six term incumbent richard daley. and newt gingrich makes the first visit to eye was a republican presidential candidate. he kicks off the 17-city iowa swing later today. shuttle endeavour is is spois poised to blast -- is poised to blast into history. here's a live picture. this is the preparation launch two weeks after the first attempt was scrubbed.
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wound -- gabrielle giffords has flown to to see her husband. >> good morning america will show the launch and we will be around for "good morning maryland. >> we will be a few minutes late. >> if you noticed things have been getting bigger or i have. because i am pregnant with twins. so, i appreciate all the e- mails. people have been asking. it was probably you know, a not very well kept secret. but very excited and thanks for the well wishes. i believe we have a old picture of them. >> we need photographic evidence. >> we do. >> there they are. that's old. by now they have fingers and hearts and brains which. >> speaking latin. >> of course they are very smart my babies. but my husband and i are excited and thrilled for the news. >> i understand you were checking them out at one point one was a little more relaxed and the other more vivacious. >> one one dance -- one was
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dancing. >> doing the dougie. >> the heart rate was about 10 beats faster he than the other one because the other one was sleeping. and so a friend of mine made a joke that's just like my husband and i one is a spaz and the other is -- spas and the other is laid back. i am not going to say who is who. >> that's the next question which is which? >> we are very, very excited and thrilled to share the news with all of you. >> all right. congratulationses to both of you. time for a check of your forecast. and for that, where's the mega phone? >> toyed put it down. -- it's to put it down. it's an old picture because it's black and white. >> exactly. historic. >> thank you. check this out, weather pattern. i put this on facebook. megan in 15, 20 minutes you have20 comments endorsing and supporting you. >> that's very sweet. >> look, when i support and encourage cool weather this summer, i am doing it for her. >> yeah, no kidding. >> that's the reason behind it. check out the upper level pattern. this is the cool air in the
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atmosphere which is responsible for clouds digging down to the deep south and a few spokes of energy and around it actually pumping in moist, unstable air. ribbons of tropical moisture coming off the atlantic, and we will continue to pile the water up off the chesapeake. places with the high tide flood surges on the west shores of the chesapeake will continue and just about each day we develop another flare-up and enhe hans it with showers and thunderstorms. this one is impressive. you will see the timeline enhancing the showers and storms this afternoon and evening. maybe another knot up 95 through philly and new york. that's after midnight. watch what happens tomorrow. more pronounced. the energy will line up with the south eastern flow and we develop more showers and storms. and making flooding tuesday and wednesday and then the pattern diminishes. have you heard? megan is pregnant. 75 today showers and storms. looking at 70s most of the
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week. lows to upper 60s to low 70s. kim. >> reporter: for drivers taking that long trek down towards the capital beltway, and making your way towards the woodrow wilson bridge. part of the inner loop on 495 is shut down approaching indian head highway. expect significant delays. you might want to try using theamerican legion bridge. looking around baltimore, it has been fairly quiet. no accidents and even major delays. that's the beltway on the outer loop on the west side at liberty road moving very well. in baltimore city, working an accident at sinclair lane and a fire drewit hill at dolphin street, lanes there. westbound northern parkway shut done approaching roland because of downed trees and over in pikesville, they are dealing with the blown transformer fire spring bottom way and wood valley drive that you could see lanes closed there as well. now back to you. >> all right, thanks for the nice comments that you are putting on facebook. >> it took abc2 news to the
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extreme. >> yes. >> two babies. >> putting it on youtube and facebook you can see the announcement in two minutes. megan is pregnant.
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